Kel Halterman & Garrett Barker Viewing
On January 19, 2013, our beautiful Kelsey and Garrett were killed in an auto accident. The...
published: 26 Jan 2013
In Depth Viewing of the TFiOS Trailer
In which Hank meets (and falls in love with a tree) and then dives deep into the TFiOS tra...
published: 31 Jan 2014
Little Tybee - For Distant Viewing
Little Tybee official music video for "For Distant Viewing" from the album "For Distant Vi...
published: 04 Feb 2013
author: littletybee
RuPaul's Drag Race Viewing Etiquette
Alaska Thunderfuck presents "RuPaul's Drag Race Viewing Etiquette." This episode's feat...
published: 24 Mar 2014
Mandela's Body Arrives For Public Viewing
The body of Nelson Mandela was escorted to the Union Buildings in Pretoria on Wednesday wh...
published: 12 Dec 2013
IA - Moon-Viewing Recital (オツキミリサイタル)
Believe in you because you're you! The 12th video of Kagerou Project, A Story That Brighte...
published: 02 Jul 2013
author: vgperson
IUFO Congress 2011 - Jim Marrs - Remote Viewing Aliens and UFO's
Jim Marrs has written about government projects to establish remote viewing groups. An int...
published: 02 Apr 2013
author: Peace Man
Remote viewing predictions
Remote Viewing Predictions Press TV ‎- 9 hours ago Three more combat ships will join Russi...
published: 07 Sep 2013
Remote Viewing and Quantum Science
Courtney Brown, Ph.D., presenting a scientific explanation of why remote viewing works at ...
published: 27 Jun 2012
UFOTV® Presents - Military RV Psychic Training Course - FREE Feature
From UFOTV®, accept no imitations. Remote Viewing is similar to clairvoyance or ESP, and i...
published: 16 Apr 2011
Live Remote Viewing Session - Major Ed Dames
Here's a rare inside look into a live training sessions. This video features a real studen...
published: 21 Feb 2014
Remote Viewing: Martial Art for the Mind
This may sound like just another new-age cliche, but it really is true -- and it's a secr...
published: 17 Dec 2013
The Awesome Glide Slope Aircraft Viewing Spot " RAF Waddington "
If you can't afford a ticket to Maho beach St Maarten, then the glide slope viewing spot a...
published: 13 Jul 2013
author: Wonkabar007
How Remote Viewing Works
Lynn Buchanan is one of the world's great remote viewers, and he tells our resident psychi...
published: 15 Jan 2014
Youtube results:
Develop Psychic Powers - Alpha Binaural (Remote viewing or Traveling clairvoyance).
Master Your Mind, Master Your Life! http://tinyurl.com/PsychicReadingVideo Have you ever w...
published: 11 Jan 2013
Remote Viewing expert Ed Dames Predicts Martial Law in 2015 and no 2016 elections!
Coast To Coast AM Feb 20, 2014 Remote Viewing expert Ed Danes Predicts Martial Law in 2015...
published: 22 Feb 2014
Remote Viewing ISON and Cloaked Object nibiru,Planet X
This is a condensed, 17 minute version of the second half of the original session targeted...
published: 10 Dec 2013
Atlantis: The True Story ~ Remote Viewing Atlantis ~ Courtney Brown
http://www.twitter.com/Darehl Randy Maugans http://www.youtube.com/user/offplanetradio ...
published: 01 Jan 2014
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